Collagen uneven collagen

We hear a lot about collagen. It is one of those ingredients that make cosmetics more desirable. Because which of us would not like to prevent wrinkles or enjoy beautiful hair. This is what collagen cosmetics tempt us with. However, collagen is not only used in cosmetics, it is also a component of drugs and supplements supporting the reconstruction of articular cartilage and supporting the body in the fight against problems with the locomotor system. What do we know about this “wonderful” ingredient and is collagen equal to collagen?

A few words about collagen

Collagen, called the protein of youth, is a natural substance found in the human body. It is a protein that is one of the main components of connective tissue, accounting for about 30 percent of all human proteins. The main task of collagen is to connect cells together, so it is a building block for most organs: skin, bones, teeth, tendons, cartilages, blood vessels, etc. The advantage of this protein is its elasticity and strength. It plays a very important role in the body – it creates a protective layer for internal organs: kidneys, stomach, liver and prevents the interference of microorganisms and toxins, supporting the immune system. It also provides the skin with continuity of cell renewal processes and the right level of hydration, making it elastic and soft. Collagen accounts for over 60% of all skin proteins and has a huge impact on its appearance. “Protein of youth” is also a building block of hair, thanks to which it is thick, elastic and strong. Collagen is also a major component of articular cartilage. It forms a network of long chains, which in the upper layer of cartilage are arranged parallel to the surface. This structure makes collagen very resistant to stretching. This is why during joint movements, cartilage can transfer weight from one bone to another.

The young body produces collagen on its own, supplementing any deficiencies of this protein. However, after the age of 25, as a result of aging, the body’s ability to produce it weakens. Autoimmune diseases or too much strain on the body, e.g. during competitive sports, also have a significant impact on this. Collagen deficiency compounded by stress, weather conditions, the influence of free radicals, solar radiation and toxins makes the skin begin to age. The first wrinkles, stretch marks, cellulite, skin dryness and loss of firmness begin to appear. His deficiencies are also reflected in the hair, which becomes weak, brittle, in many people even baldness can occur. Aging cannot be stopped, however, by providing extra collagen, we can delay it.

Collagen – a natural elixir of youth

The skin that ages as a result of loss of collagen fibers becomes flaccid, sagging and characteristic wrinkles appear, i.e. wrinkles. Creams containing collagen are helpful, which are responsible for moisturizing the skin, firming, smoothing, improving color and tone, and thus reducing the visibility of wrinkles. Preparations with collagen are also used for skin care with cellulite, stretch marks and even scars after surgery. Collagen can also be found in nail cosmetics and hair conditioners. It is worth reaching, if we have such a need, for collagen cosmetics. Still, remember to take care of the beauty from the inside and deliver collagen to internal organs. Although collagen protein is present in various food products such as jelly or offal, due to its low content in food and its difficult assimilation, a daily diet does not allow to supplement deficiencies. A better solution is to supplement the collagen content in the body with supplements. They will strengthen the skin, restore its firmness and cope with cellulite. The scalp and hair roots will be nourished, the hair will become stronger and thicker. The benefit of using collagen in the form of a supplement is also an effect on the skeletal system, joints and internal organs. During supplementation, it is worth taking vitamin C, which will speed up the production of collagen fibers.

When choosing a product with collagen, especially if it is a supplement, it is worth it to be natural collagen. There are different types of collagen available on the market – not all equally effective. In creams, we usually meet bovine collagen, which has a damaged cellular structure and is not biologically active. Therefore, it cannot be embedded in human skin. There is also collagen obtained from fish skin. It is biologically active and its structure is similar to human. In the case of supplements, it is best for the collagen supplied to be identical to what exists in the human body. Such collagen can be found in the DuoLife Collagen dietary supplement.

The product enriched with an antioxidant formula allows the skin to remain firm and elastic, protects it from aging, and makes hair and nails healthy. Natural collagen ensures optimal functioning of articular cartilage and bones. The basis of the preparation is collagen with a similar structure to human collagen, thanks to which it ensures elasticity and smoothness of the skin, supports wound healing and tissue regeneration. DuoLife Collagen also contains a number of other ingredients that support the action of collagen. Mango is a source of antioxidants that have a positive effect on the skin’s condition. Thanks to the magniferin content, it has antioxidant and protective effects against the negative effects of UV radiation on the skin. Horsetail is a wealth of flavonoids, potassium and silicon. In addition, it is effective in the fight against graying of hair, strengthens hair and nails. We also deliver silicon to the body thanks to the nettle contained in DuoLife Collagen. This element affects the elasticity and immunity of the epidermis, connective tissue, bones and mucous membranes. Silicon participates in the synthesis of collagen, affects its structural stability and supports tissue regeneration.

The preparation also contains bamboo shoots, which are a source of fatty acids, a natural solvent for provitamin A and vitamins that work in the skin and its appendages and contribute to the fact that the skin becomes smooth and looks younger, and the hair and nails become stronger. A very important component is also hyaluronic acid, which moisturizes the body from the inside improves the hydration of deep layers of the skin, slows down the aging process, helps reduce wrinkles and supports the work of joints. The other ingredients of DuoLife Collagen will also take care of your joints. Glucosamine sulfate from crustaceans supports the work of the osteoarticular system, increases the resistance of the joint capsules to overload. Chondroitin from shark cartilage captures water and nutrients and delivers them to the articular cartilage. At the same time, it facilitates the incorporation of calcium into the bones, making them durable. The preparation also thought of vitamin C, which supports collagen synthesis. Acerola provides it, which not only helps to maintain a smooth, fuller glow of the skin, but also supports the immune system and wound healing. DuoLife Collagen thanks to properly composed ingredients supports building processes in the body, taking care of our beauty and health.

Collagen is extremely important if we want to keep young appearance and healthy joints. It is worth fighting the symptoms of aging both outside in the form of creams as well as from the inside in the form of appropriate supplements that will additionally take care of the bone and joint system. When choosing a preparation with collagen, you should be guided by making it as close to human as possible – only this guarantees success.