Collagen DuoLife dietary supplement awarded with Beauty 2019 Diamond

Has the “Holy Grail” of youth wanted for centuries been found? Has the recipe for preserving beauty and youth been hidden in the liquid Collagen DuoLife dietary supplement for many years? Should it be consumed by athletes, active people and the elderly? Find out more about the Beauty 2019 Diamond Collagen DuoLife awarded.

DuoLife liquid collagen has been enriched with an innovative formula of antioxidants. It saturates the body and, as a result, also protects against early aging, neutralizes the effects of free radicals and strengthens hair and nails. It is worth consuming because of its rejuvenating properties and the fact that it cares for bones and joint cartilage.

What’s in the DuoLife liquid collagen?

This drinking supplement consists of mango fruit puree, sea collagen, 2KCL glucosamine sulfate from crustaceans, shark chondroitin sulfate, acerola extract, horsetail extract, nettle extract, bamboo shoots extract and hyaluronic acid.

Let’s take a closer look at the ingredients of DuoLife liquid collagen

Marine collagen – in its structure resembles the human one from our body. Supplements its deficiencies in the skin and strengthens joints and participates in the construction of cartilage. Accelerates tissue regeneration, smoothes and improves skin elasticity.

Horsetail is a valuable source of silicon, potassium and flavonoids. It improves the condition of hair and nails, as well as the elasticity of bones and connective tissue.

Nettle contains a lot of silicon. It affects the hair, skin and nails, stimulates collagen production, regenerates tissues and regulates metabolism.

Mango is a unique exotic fruit in which we can find vitamins of youth, i.e. E and A, and ingredients with antioxidant properties. Thanks to this, this substance repairs damage caused by antioxidants, affects eye health and skin condition. Protects against the adverse effects of sunlight.

Glucosamine supports the work of the osteoarticular system.

Acerola is a source of vitamin C, activates collagen production. It supports the work of the immune system, accelerates wound healing and smoothes and adds glow to the skin.

Chondroitin – rebuilds and repairs articular surfaces and strengthens bones and joints.

Bamboo shoots contain a lot of natural silicon. It complements its deficiencies in the body, and as a result improves the condition of hair, skin and nails, and prevents damage to cartilage and bone.

Hyaluronic acid maintains an optimal level of moisture in the body, strengthens the retina, maintains joints in good condition, stimulates cells and tissues to regenerate and stops aging processes.

Discover the benefits of consuming liquid collagen DuoLife:

  • rejuvenates the body,
  • reduces the visibility of wrinkles and prevents their formation,
  • strengthens and constricts blood vessels,
  • improves the condition of skin, hair and nails,
  • affects the condition of the joints,
  • strengthens hair and reduces excessive hair loss,
  • reduces the visibility of cellulite and stretch marks,
  • tightens and smoothes the skin,
  • relieves joint problems,
  • supports the treatment of menopausal ailments, back and joint pains or rheumatism.

Collagen is an essential building block of connective tissue in our body. Together with hyaluronic acid and elastin, this protein improves skin tone, elasticity and hydration. Over the years, the skin loses elasticity and sagging, and the spine or joints are more prone to injury. Therefore, it is worth supplementing collagen deficiencies. Remember to consult a doctor or pharmacist before using any dietary supplement.