DuoLife – your one-stop-solution to all the market demands.

The DuoLife brand was borne out of the need to meet the ever-growing demands of the Polish market and has lived up to the expectations and more. Known for its outstanding attention to the most insignificant details, DuoLife has managed always to stay one step ahead peers.

Since its establishment in 2012, the brand has thrived on in-depth and continuous research on market trends, which keep us informed of the dynamic nature of the Polish wellness markets, and the need for tailored for the market and beyond.

In line with our true dedication to the creation and sustenance of the brand, as well as our commitment towards the production of safe and highly beneficial wellness products, we combine the professional expertise and experience of groups of experts and specialists across diverse medical and scientific fields to create exceptional products. The DuoLife Day and DuoLife Night have been around for a while. However, we are on the verge of introducing the DuoLife Medical Formula supplements – a specially patented formula that offers a wide range of benefits.

About the company

We are passionate about making DuoLife our common story, i.e., your success story as our success story. The DuoLife brand stands on a solid foundation of an experienced team of professionals and a reliable financial source. With a complete Polish origin, all DuoLife innovative products have been created with adherence to the highest international quality standards.

At DuoLife, everyone is welcome to carve a niche for themselves by maximizing the cooperative and conducive environment. And over these years, we have always stayed true to our motto – “The best way of predicting the future is to create it.”

At DuoLife, rather than complain or just dream, we take that action and ultimately realize our goals.

The safety of cooperation

As a Joint Stock company, DuoLife entails the safety of the cooperation as evident in the transparent nature of all the decisions and actions of the company. Thus, potential contractors and shareholders are welcome to verify how reliable the company is, considering the open access to our financial data including full financial accounting and financial reports, and the periodic compulsory audit reports.

Not so many direct-selling brands have stood the test of time. In fact, statistics have it that only 1 in 311 of such companies thrived as expected, with the other 310 collapsing to the shock of the stakeholders of such companies. The shocking collapse is due to the decision of such companies to keep all signs of adverse developments private. This does not hold in DuoLife or any other Joint Stock company, due to the obligation to always publish the company’s financial statements.

And to confirm its strong market position, DuoLife, in September 2016, transformed into a Joint Stock Company and subsequently offered every stakeholder the safety of cooperation.